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Humanity can be called many things, it is called mankind, people, mundanes, mortals and scientifically homo sapiens.

Yet when we make a movie those names seem to personal, to simple and to human.

Writers and Directors always try to find more interesting names for people like in Harry Potter non-magical folk are called muggles.

But no human is non-magic, not by my definition of magic and my definition of human.

Humanity is being kind, caring, faithful and loyal, having respect and feeling raw emotion, anger, jealousy, love and joy.


Humanity is personal, simple and human but it is also the most magical thing… Everyon eeven twins differ even if it is slightly… your thoughts scrambled in your brain, in your body and in your life is not even slightly the same to the person next to you.

We need humans in this world of ours.

Abdul Edhi once said “People have become educated, but have not become human.”

We need teachers that educates our children on being human…

Imagine, Homo Sapiens101. “How to be truly humane?”

Well if everyone was human and magical together by my definition…

What a world would we live in?

What is magic?

Magic is finding someone humane in this rat-race world where you don’t appreciate that bee buzzing near the flower or the winds perfection or do you only notice the imperfection it creates in your life?

Let’s change the world one word at a time

Earth without art would be eh – Demetri Martin

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