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Reflect or Resolute

Welcome to the new year we just ended 2018 like we have been ending every year before “see you next year…” and many more next year jokes and with the statement “I want to change this next year” New years resolutions are silly, we should be changing ourselves consistently and challenging ourselves consistently because that is the only way to better ourselves.

Change seems scary but sometimes, most of the times it is GOOD it will change you for the better.

Stop saying oh I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll start Monday, This year… NO!!! Start now.

You might not be where you want to be but look back it’s a hell lot better than where you were.

New year isn’t about the resolution on what ill change through the year but rather time for reflection and then deciding where to now but start immediately!

Yes that guy might have messed up your life but look at that tense “MESSED” its in the past… reflect on it learn from it and move on.

So Resolution or Reflection… Neither perfect and neither wrong but together the best… so reflect on 2018 and resolute for 2019 but start challenging and changing NOW!